We are The Pizza Shack Jackson

NOT Chicago Style

NOT Brooklyn Style



The idea of an old style pizza parlor that made real pizza pies the way they were meant to be was first discussed among three lifelong friends working in the restaurant business in late 2003. We felt that cookie cutter pizza chains had distorted the public’s perception of what a pizza pie should be and it was time to bring back the pie we ate as children. We knew that a real pie started with homemade dough with sauce made from regionally grown tomatoes infused with only the freshest herbs and spices that formed the foundation on which to build the finest pies.
With the awareness of the other pizza places using frozen toppings and not the freshest ingredients, we made a stand to use only the best quality products to finish our masterpiece. We knew it was both expensive and labor intensive, but it was well worth it as the flavor of fresh vegetables would come bursting through with every bite. We search for only the highest quality meats made from the finest cuts, a difference you can taste. We knew that our customers would savor the freshness. With these principles in mind, we saved every penny we could for the next two years. We created new sauces. We developed our special dough. We worked on unique and special pizzas. We prepared for the day we could open our own restaurant. We developed our dream. That day finally came on March 27, 2005. We were out of money so we couldn’t afford to advertise our opening. All we could do was hope that the food spoke for itself. On the first day, customers slowly trickled in. They tried our food and loved it. They said it was the best Pizza they ever had. They said they would be back. They said they would tell their friends. They became our friends. We felt that we had accomplished our goal….We had created a pie we were proud to serve.
Since that day, the crowds have grown almost daily. Our customers have become our family and our family continues to grow. We have won dozens of awards in USA Today, Jackson Free Press, Mississippi Magazine, MetroMix, and several others. Our original location on State Street has moved around the corner to Fortification Street. We have opened a second location in Byram on Siwell Rd. We have become a part of the community and the community has become a part of us. We feel honored to be a part of your lives. The Pizza Shack belongs to all of us in this great city, you guys are just as responsible for its success as we are…..All we can say is “Thank You” for making our dreams come true!